How to wash pure cotton fabric? Yu Peng textile washing skills to help

2017-11-24 01:11:42 137

How to wash cotton fabric clothing? Richline textile washing techniques to help fabrics of cotton fabric, soft texture, no pilling, wear feel elastic, and permeability is also very good, in the washing of cotton fabric clothing, we have to remember to put the clothes inside out, avoid rubbing to the printed pattern place. Cotton fabric clothing after washing, do not use the dryer to dry, should let it dry naturally, that is to ensure to maintain the original properties of cotton fabrics.

Pure cotton fabric

Cotton fabric wrinkle resistance than other fabrics relatively weak, usually wash when the water temperature should be noted, the best temperature is in 30 degrees -50 degrees, soak a few minutes, not long, not dry after washing, let it dry in the shade, ventilation not to exposure to avoid bleaching fabrics.

Such as cotton T-shirt, we need to pay attention in washing, washing, washing water to add ordinary vinegar, put in the clothes soak it, vinegar component can not be too much, otherwise it will give the light colored clothes dyeing, often wash clothes can make the clothes keep bright color.

With the sweat of cotton t-shirts, must use cold water wash, do not use hot water, otherwise it will be washed more and more yellow, yellow white underwear, available 3% hydrogen peroxide soak for half an hour, take out after washing with water clean, the bleaching effect than bleaching powder.

White cotton T-shirt wear long, often yellow, if it is immersed in solution of indigo in rinse, can make it white.